Tue, 20 Mar 2018

About The Zimbabwe Association of Community Radio Stations (ZACRAS)

The Zimbabwe Association of Community Radio Stations (ZACRAS) is the umbrella body of community radio initiatives in Zimbabwe. ZACRAS is a membership based, independent and non-profit making association founded in 2003.

ZACRAS strives to assist communities in the establishment of community radios across Zimbabwe. Upon establishment of community radios, ZACRAS seeks to capacitate the stations through conceptual and technical training, while regulating their conduct so that they conform to the standards of community radios.


¤ Our vision is to have developed and participatory communities in Zimbabwe which freely express themselves


¤ Our mission is to empower communities in Zimbabwe through building and sustaining strong, vibrant, autonomous community driven radio stations


¤ Respect for human rights, especially the right to freedom of expression and association

¤ Accountability, transparency, consultation of and participation of all members

¤ The respect for and application of journalism ethics and professionalism by community radio practitioners

¤ Encourage non-partisanship in all community radio activities

Aims and Objectives

¤ Support the setting up of community based radio stations throughout Zimbabwe

¤ Advocate for media law reform so as to facilitate uninhibited and lawful operation of community radios

¤ Provide a platform for organisations and individuals with an interest in promoting, establishing and running community radios

¤ Facilitate the dissemination of information pertaining to community radios

¤ Raise awareness on the importance of community radio

¤ Strengthen community radio governance structures through capacity building and training on community radio management, broadcast ethics and financial management

¤ Engaging in strategic regional and international networking for effective lobby and advocacy

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