Fri, 23 Feb 2018

We want community radio stations

Editor: We are tired of accessing limited or inadequate information from  ZBC Holdings (state  and  national broadcaster) which does not tell our story but that of politicians and their interests.

We would want a community radio that tells the story of our society because we are the people and can solve our issues if we have the platform to do so, and radio is the ideal stage.

We have been listening to these public radio stations for long and all they talk about are the broad national political issues that don’t help us in any way, nothing at all to do with our Dzivareskwa community which is facing serious problems of water, refuse collection and pot-holed roads

We have limited access to information as we have nowhere to access information and knowledge that specifically cover developmental issues. A lot of projects are sprouting nationwide but we have nowhere to access information on such programmes.

We want to have our own community radio station that would discuss issues that encourage development within this community

Zimbabwe is the only country in southern Africa with no licenced community radio stations despite the existence of radio initiatives such as Corah in Harare, Radio Dialogue in Bulawayo, Wezhira Radio in Masvingo, Patsaka Nyaminyami in Kariba and dozens others scattered across the country.

- PM

By The Zimbabwe Mail

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