Tue, 23 Jan 2018
Zimbabweans starved of vital information

Zimbabwe is suffering from confidence crisis as can be witnessed by the extent to which citizens approach the different public bodies for information. This is so especially because there is little and no honest communication between the state and citizens, which results in citizens having to speculate and gossip in order for them to make important decisions.

Media as a tool for gender mainstreaming

Most countries in the world are now advocating for democracy as an effective governance system for development and a better world. Often times, whenever democracy is deficient, it is the media that becomes the greatest casualty because freedoms such as expression, speech, movement, association and thought are clearly conditioned by the extent to which that society is open and free.

New broadcasters blast licencing delays

CONTINUED delays in licensing new radio stations has angered prospective broadcasters who feel this was a deliberate ploy by government to keep private players out of the country's closely guarded airwaves.

Community radio fosters good governance

While the technological advancement in this country is pointing to a new world order, where globalisation and simplification of life is happening fast, there remains a gap in our country which if harnessed and supported has the capacity to be the game changer.

Strengthening the democratic media freedom course

Presentation on the VMCZ Meeting With PPC on Media Self Regulation: Strengthening the democratic media freedom course –KADOMA- 28 Nov 2014.

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